StormAudio & madVR Labs Certified for Envy™ partnership

StormAudio & madVR Labs Certified for Envy™ partnership

StormAudio has joined madVR Labs’ Certified for Envy™ program in the AVR/AVP category as an initial Certified Partner.


The Certified for Envy program ensures that audio/video products meet the highest quality standards for video excellence, as determined by madVR Labs. Dealers and consumers can now have confidence that Certified for Envy products meet these standards, and that the products do not introduce video artifacts or degrade video quality in madVR Labs’ rigorous testing. It also ensures that certified products are fully compatible with the madVR Envy Pro and Envy Extreme video processors.

“We are truly honored that StormAudio has entrusted madVR Labs to certify their products for video excellence and are excited to have them as a launch partner in our Certified For Envy program,” says Richard Litofsky, Co-founder and CEO of madVR Labs, LLC. “Achieving Platinum Certification requires passing over 1,100 rigorous video processing tests. We applaud their dedication to delivering the upmost in video quality to their customers.”

Requirements for the AVR/AVP category include reliable and stable HDMI handling and full compatibility with the madVR Envy video processors. Lossless pass-through of all usual source device pixel formats, bit depths, resolutions, and frame rates, including 1080p24 frame-packed 3D are also essential. In all, these Certified for Envy products passed over 1,100 rigorous tests to achieve certification. For full details on all tests performed and the program requirements, see the StormAudio certificate.

“With today’s jungle of video formats, the madVR Envy processor brings the ultimate video experience that matches our StormAudio immersive sound processor performance,” said Sébastien Gailleton, Head of Product and Support for StormAudio. “With our Platinum Certified for Envy certification, we are sure the experience will be at its best, for all contents.”


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